Varnish development with antimicrobial, oxygen and water vapor barrier properties and improved physic-mechanical properties, to be used in food industry


Sampas Nano (SNANO), a company of 7 workers, has significant experience in manufacture integration and/or scaling up of custom designed nano- and green-technologies for several industries in Turkey. In particular, they focus on manufacture implementation of novel multifunctional nanomaterials on construction (ceramic tiles, GRC panels, etc.) and packaging (multilayer films) materials.


In addition, they are also involved in commercialization of promising cleantech applications such as catalytic and pyrolytic conversion of organic waste into different sorts of bio-fuels. They have access to experimental facilities of the two national nanotech labs (UNAM & SUNUM). Considering the fact that they have a strong network in the domestic market, they can quickly commercialize emerging technologies that call for know-how transfer, manufacture implementation, and/or field demonstration simultaneously.