Varnish development with antimicrobial, oxygen and water vapor barrier properties and improved physic-mechanical properties, to be used in food industry


HATZOPOULOS S.A. (AHSA) is a company of 235 employees specialized in flexible packaging. Founded in 1931, today is one of the fastest growing packaging converters in the European market. The company operates in two productions sites in Thessaloniki, Greece, with a very strong sales network in more than 20 countries. Continuously investing in innovative technological equipment, they are equipped with state-of-the art gravure machines as well as 2 flexo machines. In both gravure and flexo plants an ink-mixing department is placed for ink formulation and analysis of the colour tones to measurable data.


They have long experience in printing varnishes and lacquers. Various types of varnishes in specific grammages are designed and applied to provide specific properties to flexible packaging films such as heat-seal, rub and scratch resistance, COF, enhanced seal properties, etc. HATZOPOULOS production and R&D capabilities can contribute to the project. They can use their 30-years knowledge in printing technologies, and along with the 10-colour gravure presses and the 9-colour flexo, plus solvent-based and solvent-free laminators they can develop the needed know-how.