Varnish development with antimicrobial, oxygen and water vapor barrier properties and improved physic-mechanical properties, to be used in food industry


The Technological Institute of Optics, Colour, and Imaging (AIDO) is a private industrial non profit-making association that was created as a result of a business initiative in 1988. It was promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana with the mission of providing technological solutions to companies by means of industrial optics.

As a technological centre focused in photonics and optics is playing a fundamental role in the development of “turn-key” solutions to problems in many different sectors, providing industries with custom R&D and Innovation initiatives using technologies such as hyperspectral imaging, micro manufacturing, optical non-contact metrology, optical fiber sensing, ICT & Media, Printing Electronics and Nanotechnologies.

AIDO’s technological offer is currently developed in a modern 5,000 m2 facility fully dedicated to R&D and Innovation divided into two annexed buildings with a staff of 80 professionals and 7 laboratories.

AIDO develops turnkey R&D solutions promoting partnership alliances as main business strategy focused on the generation of knowledge, development of added value high-tech by three main actuations:

  1. Own R&D projects, encouraging development of latest technologies by its participation in networks and work groups with the aim of transferring this knowledge to SME’s.
  2. Cooperation projects, involving companies and entities both national and international.
  3. Turnkey projects, being able to customise each development to each client’s needs turning up